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Our goal is to provide useful information about our Tournament, rules, and present Anglers with many ideal fishing opportunities available in the South.
Download our brochure and secure your place to compete with the area's top bass fishermen.


Please call Peanut at 901-494-7378 or Danny Carter at 901-277-0574 or visit Facebook for more information

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Peanut Craft Lures Tournament Trail

Fish 7 to qualify for the Classic. If you Fish 8, we will drop the the tournament with lowest points for AOY (Best 7).

Entry fee $150 plus $20 for Big Bass (Trail membership is $35 per angler)

Peanut Craft Lures Open Tournaments 2022

No membership required to fish the open tournaments. Blast off will be in the order payment was received. All rules for trail apply for the opens. Opens do NOT count towards regular trail tournaments to qualify for the Classic.

* Pay back on the opens are paid out on the same pay scale as the tournament trail*

  • March 19: Old Town (City)
  • April 16: Pickwick (Scruggs Bridge)
  • April 30: Horseshoe (Surf Club)
  • June 18: Stovall (Levee) CANCELED DUE TO FATHER's DAY
  • July 23: Moon (Paradise Point)
  • August 27: McKeller (City)


    • 1st 1300.00
    • 2nd 800.00
    • 3rd 400.00
    • 4th 300.00
    • 5th 200.00
    • 6th 150.00

    Payout is 1 for every 5

    ** Lakes and Dates are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances.

    *** Date and Lakes were selected based on BFL, Federation and other club schedules to reduce conflicts.


"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work."

"The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad."



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